Is the Republican Party on the brink of extinction?

“Pollster John Zogby tells Newsmax that the Republican Party could be “teetering on the brink” of extinction as it fails to appeal to the fastest-growing demographic groups in America,” according to Newsmax.

The bottom line, according to Zogby, is that “the GOP is not taking advantage of Democratic setbacks because it has not put forth alternative policies of its own.”

The problem is demographics.  Minorities are gravitating away from the GOP – and they are not the only ones:

He told Newsmax: “That’s very true, and that’s got to be a cause for concern. Look at the fastest-growing groups in the electorate. Those groups are Latinos, African-Americans — even though the numbers of African-Americans are not growing, the number who are voting is certainly growing — young people 18 to 29, and what we call the creative class, people who work in the world of ideas.”

These are college-educated professionals such as software engineers, graphic designers, attorneys, and workers in the healthcare technology field. They make up 20 percent of the workforce, Zogby said, and “make up critical parts of the population in states like North Carolina, Florida, New Mexico, and so on.

“Republicans are not appealing to those groups, and yet those groups are on the upswing.”

Homosexuals left the GOP a long time ago.  All you have left in the shrinking Republican tent is religious conservatives and a smattering of fiscal conservative.  The latter are increasingly leaving to go DTS or to join third parties, such as the Libertarian Party.

The red cupboard is bare…and I see no hope for change, particularly here in California where the Republican leaders want to keep the primaries closed.

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