You can still buy and use “safe and sane” fireworks in Santa Ana!

Say what you will about Latinos in Santa Ana, but understand this – they LOVE fireworks and celebrate the 4th of July with great abandon.  Santa Ana is one of the few cities in Orange County that allows you to use “Safe and Sane” fireworks.

Of course they are only “Safe and Sane” if you use them in the proscribed manner.  In the video above a bunch of Santa Ana kids are having a “fireworks war.”  Not a good idea but it is not surprising either.  All kids are pyros!

“Safe and sane” fireworks – the term for those that don’t fly or explode and are approved by the state fire marshal – will be sold from July 1-4 in Stanton, Buena Park, Santa Ana, Costa Mesa and Garden Grove,” according to the O.C. Register.

You cannot legally buy these fireworks and use them elsewhere in Orange County.

(Click here to see a list of public fireworks shows.)

Click here for locations of fireworks stands.

So what about those illegal fireworks?  The City of Garden Grove is fining folks who use them up to $1,000.

“In Santa Ana, 38 police officers and arson investigators will work together to target those using illegal fireworks. They’ll make arrests, give citations and take illegal fireworks off of the streets, said Commander Tammy Franks. Last year, officers confiscated 8,825 such fireworks.”

I plan to buy a huge box of legal fireworks and my friends and family are coming over for a BBQ and to celebrate my wife and 13 year old son’s birthdays, as well as my niece’s birthday.  Should be lot of fun.

As for the cities that ban these fireworks, shame on them for being such humbugs.  If used safely, these fireworks are safe and don’t pose the hazard presented by illegal fireworks.  And non-profit organizations make a lot of money selling them.

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