O.C.Memories: Santa Ana High School Football in the 1960’s, Valley High School


Santa Ana Football Stadium, Downtown

 For anyone interested in sharing nostalgic high school football memories, The Orange County Memories website has a recent entry that you might want to check out,  LINK.  An anonymous poster reminisces about high school football at John Adams, Smedley, Mater Dei and Valley High Schools.  ~~~~Snip~~~~~

Hello to the Class of 66 from Valley High!…….   Oh my gosh….I have no idea how I found your website but I love it! In the past few moments, I feel as though my life has flashed before me.

We lived on St. Andrews, across from Lukens Dairy, right at the dead end. Our house was a “hang out” for Mater Dei football players since my brothers played on the team. And later I attended John Adams, Smedley and finally Valley. In the summer, I “lived” at Memorial Park and worked at the swimming pool. Does anyone remember the Warrens and the slide that we climbed to go to all the late night baseball games? We used to call the radio station every Friday night after football games and go to Me & Ed’s for pizza. Who could forget Newport Bal Week in the 60’s. I’m pretty sure Soupy Sales did an assembly at Smedley. Steve Martin was our Guest Speaker at Senior Breakfast, Disneyland Hotel. I’m sure I could keep gliding down memory lane but for now I will stop. Thanks for such a positive in our negative world. Keep up the good work!! ……….    Now living in Santa Rosa wine country.   – – Anonymous

 This is apparently his first visit to one of MY most favorite local blogs, OCMemories, which is hosted by a once-local guy named Steve (more about Steve!)  who lived in a rented house on Richland Ave (SA), attended Spurgeon and graduated from SA High School, met and married his wife at Santa Ana College and now lives in Riverside County.  His site is a labor of love and is always looking for additional OC stories from readers.  You can ask to be added to his email notification list if you’d like to keep track of the latest entries, like the one to this story we featured today (Subscribe).

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