Obama Hypocrite on Honduras – big surprise!

For more than a week after Irans fraudulent election:

Obama to focus on Human Rights, not election.
Why is Obama silent on Iran?
Obama silent as huge election protests continue

Here we have a mad dictator with a lust for nuclear weapons openly defying the world to call him out on his fraudulent elections, with tens of thousands of freedom loving people marching for self determination being attacked and killed, and Obama says nothing.

Now we have:

Honduras defends it democracy, Hillary Clinton objects
Honduran president says he will not obey Supreme Court order to reinstate fired military chief
Obama says Honduran Coup not legal

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The Honduran Supreme court had the military take the President after the president defied the courts ruling on holding a referendum to change the constitution. Zelaya had been elected to a non-renewable four year term in office, but planned on asking Honduran citizens to vote to extend his term. The Supreme Court rejected his calls for a referendum, but Zelaya planned on pushing forward in defiance.

When the top military commander told the President he would have to comply with the rule of law, the President fired him and led a mob to break into the military installation and get the ballots sent from Venezuela (because he couldnt get anyone in the Honduras to print them) to hold his “referendum”.

The Attorney General of the nation ruled the referendum illegal.

The Congress asserted its power to protect the Constitution and appointed as interim President as stipulated in Honduran Law.

Again, the Supreme Court ordered the President removed from office for abusing the Constitution.

And again, you have:

Fidel Castro denounces Honduran “coup”
Chavez threatens military action
Obama tried to stop overthrow of wannabe dictator

See the picture?

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