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We never liked David Letterman much…..his elitist attitude….his false sense of humility……..”I’m from Indiana….like Jane Pauley!”  No, as long as Jay Leno was on…..we withstood most of the inane off color “Lenoisms”….that could be considered almost cute.  Jay occasionally hit home-runs with his political satire and made his chops having the likes of Governor Arnold, McCain, Obama and others run up the flag pole on issues or campaigns.  Hey, Jay loved old cars…how bad could it be?  So, now we have to wait until September to see Jay again….this time at 10PM Pacific Time!

David Letterman has always been this arms length kind of personality, which some people like – but isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.  When he kisses up to Hillary, Paris or others…..it is so transparent you wonder why he even invited us to watch.  When his arch rival Dr. Phil showed up…..we loved it when he told Letterman to make an honest woman of his girlfriend (Which he finally did!) and stop being an insensitive, self absorbed egomaniac.  Letterman beat up on Dr. Phil for about a year after that…before he invited him back to finally make “nice nice”! 

Dave’s recent foray into his tasteless attacks on Sarah Palin and her daughters is minor compared to his attacks on Dr. Phil and others.  Letterman tends to go off the rails occasionally.  Out of nowhere he gets on a rant about something. When Sarah Palin stepped up to the plate and said she was the true spokesperson for the Republican Conservative voice – that was a hard pill to swallow.   We never bought off on that and never thought she was capable of doing National Office.  But that was just our opinion.  Letterman probably thought that too….but as usual, let his ego take charge of his intelligence.  One Palin joke would have sufficed…..but no Dave wanted to belabor the point.  An argument could be made that Palin and her “Octo-Mom” PR people deserved what they got…especially after letting Britney out on the talk show circuit talking about the her break-up and the value of not having unprotected sex until you are 18!

Through all of this nonsense, the apologies, the senseless discussions, Letterman’s ratings are skyrocketing.  You see, Jay Leno is off the “Tonight Show” and has been replaced by perhaps the most unfunny, unattractive Talk Show host on TV – “Conan O’Brien”.  We never liked, cared for and even jokingly thought that Conan was ever entertaining in any regard.  His interviews were worthless, his jumping up and down humor – a non starter and his band was terrible!  So, what happens…..the NBC hierarchy determines that it is time for Jay to leave.  After all, Jay continued to beat out Letterman, night after night…..year after year.  Jay could do real interviews, Jay did some dumb stuff too….like the Game Show shtick which was terrible, but we need to face one thing – Conan really Sucks!  Badly!  His numbers have fallen like a stone and Jimmy Kimmel is looking more like David Frost, Dick Cavett and Bill Moyers…..all the time!  Craig Ferguson is better…..and how about Jimmy Fallon?  We could get a man on the street that had a reasonable sense of humor to replace him in a heartbeat.

Who cares?  These late night shows are for people with sleeping disorders, stress in their lives or inquisitive teenagers wanting to know what the grown-ups do!  In any event, it ain’t Conan!  Our question is……will NBC follow the CBS strategy?  You know, Katie Couric sucks….so they just keep her on…no matter what…hoping that in five or ten years…she will grow on us?  We can’t stand Conan….his hair, his style or his so-called humor!  He does worthless interviews and employs a fraudulent self deprecating style that only Bill Clinton could get away with!

Finally, how many news cycles can Dave Letterman go through apologizing  to Sarah Palin?  Should he apologize to each of the daughters too, having each one of them on the show?  Should he apologize to Todd Palin and then go for a ride on his heavy polluting snowmobile?  Lord knows!  Dave, please invite Dr. Phil back on…we love it when he tells you what a smuck you are!!  Now – That’s funny!

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