Did Left Wing Hate Speech and Anti-Semitism Drive Holocaust Murder?

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Well, I hope Obama worshippers who tolerate “Them Jews aint gonna let him talk to me!” Reverend Wright, Jimmy Carter comparing Gaza to the Holocaust, and 9-11 conspiracy whack jobs like this gunman are happy. This is where 8 years of bashing your President and stoking peoples fears will get you.

This is a man driven to murder likely by the state run media that made him hate Bush, Mc Cain and so-called neo-cons. Lets call this his victims the first casualties of the new Radical Left, shall we?

The murder at the Holocaust Museum has shocked the nation. At 12:40 p.m. yesterday a man stepped through the doors of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. He took two paces, lowered his rifle at a security guard and, before anyone could react, opened fire in a popular national landmark.

This is what happens when the American President says outrageous things such as comparing Israelis and Palestinians to black slaves in America and their white owners or his unwillingness to mention that the biggest issue related to violence by Muslims is their murder of other Muslims, which far exceeds the amount of either Jewish or Christian blood which they shed.

Congratulations leftists and Obama lovers. You are reaping what you sow!


(NECN: Washington, D.C.) – Mayor Adrian Fenty addressed the shootings at the Holocaust Memorial Museum on Wednesday, which claimed the life of Special Police Officer Stephen Johns, a security guard at the museum

“The gunman has now been identified as 88-year-old James W. von Brunn, who fired at least on round striking,” Mayor Fenty said.

The mayor paused to thank the heroism of Officer Johns and those others who acted to bring down the alleged gunman.

“One life lost is a tragedy, but this could have been much, much worse,” Mayor Fenty said.

The mayor announced that von Brunn would be charged in the death of Johns.

“The Holocaust Museum remains closed today in rememberence of Special Police Officer Johns,” Mayor Fenty said. “We will get past this. The arrests have been made, and this District remains and open and safe city for tourists and visitors.”

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