Democrats Know How to Keep the Black Man Down

Say what you will about Republicans, as if that changes the character of what the Democrats are up to. The GOP isnt in power, the Democrats are. The Republicans cant get a minority into high office the left wont slander. Now, when the Democrats have the ONLY black in the United States Senate, who hasnt been convicted of a thing, they treat him like he belongs at the back of the bus, back on the plantation, pick your analogy.

Burris has never risen above outcast in the august 100-member chamber. The evidence is everywhere he goes on Capitol Hill.

Colleagues, with little to say to him besides hello, beat a path around him on the Senate floor. None of the Senate’s tribal customs of collegiality and acceptance — backslapping, hugging, arm-touching and collaborating on legislation — are bestowed upon Burris. The 71-year-old freshman has not been taken under a wing of a veteran senator. Burris often can be found standing between colleagues otherwise engaged, seeing the backs of their heads. 

Welcome to the party of KKK Grand Wizard Robert Byrd, Democrat West Virginia.

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Now, understand this: Burris’ unsavoriness, real or perceived, doesn’t rise to the level of wrongdoing that has inspired senators-past to expel 15 members or to censure nine. Their transgressions ranged from treason during wartime to abusing colleagues, sexual harassment and corruption. “What distinguishes it is the governor who appointed him, and the cloud that the governor was under, and the implication that this appointment was done for corrupt reasons,” said Ross K. Baker, author of “Friend and Foe in the U.S. Senate” and a political science professor at Rutgers University.

Get that? He is ostracized, supposedly, because of who nominated him. Who came up with that? Who is browbeating the left over Burris? It sure aint Republicans! They are doing it TO him! Why? Well, one is left to ponder… that seat so recently left open, certainly back door politics (and Democrats love the back door) have something to do with their apoplexy. Chicago machines that produce thugs like the Obama crew have something to do with it as well.

Let the man do his job! The people of Illinois are not served by keeping the black man down!

And let me explain something else to you. This is more than just a case of a man nominated. This is a clear case of states rights over the Federal pressure being brought to bear. Illinois is responsible for bringing a man to the United States Senate. Once upon a time, the state legislatures had that check over the federal branch, and that is gone. What the US Senate is trying to do is set itself up as the arbiter over who can and cannot be in the United States Senate. Democrats need to seriously check themselves before they let this continue.

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