Best Websites Around Orange County

We did a poll a little while back about favorite websites.  Surprisingly, the final tally had the Orange Juice! blog and Political blogs beating out handily “Porn” as the favorite choice.  So, I am curious, what ARE your favorite websites -be they political or otherwise?  I’ve got some favorites.  How about you?


Weekly Orange County Progressive      Straight forward and simple.  No commentary.  It’s all about events and happenings locally.  The events are listed neatly by dates and the clickable links will take you directly to the details.  This week there are events related to Solar energy, Biology vs. Religion, Storytelling, Rape in the Congo, Peace, School Violence, Immigration, Medical Marijuana and a whole lot more!  You can subscribe to it and they will send out a weekly newsletter to your email.  You can also request that your group’s event be publicised to the wide and increasing readership (keep your description of it to under 100 words).  Here is the LINK   to subscribe.    Here is the LINK to publish your event.

Orange County Memories      A great site dedicated to Memories of living and working in Orange County, California.  Archived by subject or by city.  It’s a fun site to leave comments about your memories of various places in Orange County.

OCWeekly    My personal favorite local-covering blog/zine.  Fun and interesting writers.  Lots of local interest.

Craigslist for Orange County    FREE classified ads for all of Orange County. 

Irvine Housing Blog    Excellent real estate education blog.  Features a varied selection of real estate, one feature per day, paired with a music selection video, and plenty of commentary and comments.  Also host site to forums and free analysis of real estate.  

Orange Juice blog  It promises “Politics for the Rest of Us” and it delivers just that.  Eclectic batch of bloggers, increasingly bold/recognizable posting community of individuals who visit frequently, unpredictable topics, lots of local focus.

Share your favorites if you don’t see them yet!          Links Please!!

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