Why don’t lobbyists have to register with the County of Orange?

UPDATE: One of our readers has launched a new O.C. lobbyist database.  Click here to check it out.

Lobbyists have had the run of Orange County for far too long.  In fact Orange County doesn’t even demand that they register with the County – and the public has no idea who these people are.

Contrast that with Los Angeles County, which has been forcing lobbyists to register since April of 1993!  Click here to see what that looks like.

Now take a look at some of the information that you can get from Los Angeles County but not Orange County:

Lobbyist Quarterly Reports:

Individual lobbyists registered with the County of Los Angeles
Lobbyist employers and their employees
Lobbyist employers and their payments to firms
Lobbyist employers and their activity expenses
Lobbyist employers and their campaign contributions
Lobbying firms and their clients
Payments to lobbying firms
Lobbyist firms and their activity expenses
Lobbyists who have terminated their registration status in the last 12 months

Shouldn’t we know what lobbyists in Orange County are up to?  I for one would like to know what John Lewis, Matt “Jerbal” Cunningham, Jeff Flint, Scott Baugh, Adam Probolsky, Jon Fleischman and others of their ilk are up to.

For too long the focus in Orange County has been on limiting fundraising.  The real beast here is not campaign finance but rather the unregulated lobbyists who regularly work to elect County officials then turn around and lobby them endlessly.  That is something we need to get a hold of, don’t you think?

Click here to contact your O.C. Supervisor and ask him or her to put in place a lobbyist registration program here in Orange County, like the one in Los Angeles County.  And click here to contact Tom Mauk, the Orange County CEO.

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