The “Racist, Woman-Hating, Hispanic-Loathing Party”

Progressive Politics writer, Karen Harper, published an excellent piece, Rush Limbaugh attacks on Sonia Sotomayor may prove toxic to the GOP, in the Examiner this morning. The GOP party of “No” continues to self-implode by alienating women and Hispanics with hysterical language and ridiculous accusations.  WTG, GOP!                                 Exerpt:

The vilest hysterical attacks on Sotomayor have come, not from elected representatives in the Republican party, but from those who have volunteered to shoulder the mantle of ‘town crier’ for the GOP.  Loudest and most hysterical is Rush Limbaugh who ignores and skews facts to rant and rave hysterically to his listeners, calling Sotomayor a racist and all but blubbering about the oppression of white people.

“How do you get promoted in a Barack Obama administration? By hating white people or even saying you do, or that they’re not good or put ’em down, whatever…make white people the new oppressed minority and they’re going right along with it because they’re shutting up. They’re moving to the back of the bus and I can’t use that drinking fountain, okay. I can’t use that restroom, okay.”

Limbaugh appears to be hoping to stoke the fires of racial discord among his listeners who call themselves ditto-heads, listeners who seemingly prefer to allow Limbaugh to do their thinking for them. Nobody in the Obama administration has declared that they hate white people. The majority of the Obama administration is in fact made up of white people. Sonia Sotomayor has never said she hates white people. But Limbaugh’s hysterical comments would have his listeners believing that everyone in the Obama administration hates white people and that they (his listeners) are now “oppressed.”

Karl Rove implied earlier in the week that Sotomayor isn’t intelligent enough to be a Supreme Court Judge. He also said her colleagues don’t like her. Later in the week, Rove apparently remembered that women and Hispanics vote and tempered his earlier remarks saying,

“I think Republicans need to take her on in the appropriate fashion which is about judicial philosophy, her record on the court, her writings and her statements. They need to do so with respect.”

But it’s too late, the damage is done.

RNC chairman Michael Steele was criticizing Sotomayor before Obama announced his nomination of her. On May 8, Steele called Sotomayor “abrasive” and said the Supreme Court is “not a place for abrasive personalities.” This week, Steele is revising his critique of Sotomayor and advising Republicans to “step back from this.” Once again, it’s too late, the damage is done.

TV personality Glenn Beck called Sotomayor an “Hispanic chick lady.”

It would be easy to dismiss Limbaugh, Beck and other radio and TV showmen as simple entertainers with a penchant for generating ratings which translates into advertising dollars were it not for the unfortunate fact that Limbaugh has taken on the role as “titular head” of the Republican party and elected Republicans have let him by cowing before his mammoth wrath. Every elected Republican who has dared speak a word construed as critical of the P.T. Barnum-like showman has subsequently acquiesced to Limbaugh’s reactionary rage by apologizing with cringe-worthiness.

Limbaugh, Beck and Rove aren’t the only non-elected Republicans who have exhibited symptoms of hysteria. Tom Tancredo has equated the HIspanic non-profit organization, La Raza, an organization similar to the NAACP, with the KKK and forged a tenuous guilt-by-association link to Sotomayor.

G Gordon Liddy, convicted felon, stooped to an all time low by calling the Spanish language the language of illegal aliens and then intimating that Sotomayor and consequently all women, are incapable of rationale by sheer virtue of their ability to give birth, surmising that Sotomayor would be influenced by “menstruation.”

Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich called Sotomayor a racist and said she should withdraw herself from the running for Supreme Court judge. Resignation seems to be a favorite theme with the disgraced former Speaker. He admonished Nancy Pelosi to resign as current Speaker for saying the CIA lied to Congress. Gingrich himself resigned the Speakership in 1998 because while being one of the leading voices calling for the impeachment of President Bill Clinton for his affair with Monica Lewinsky, he was having an affair with his young secretary. The discredited Gingrich has lately been back in the political arena spreading his opinion whenever given the chance. What his motivation is is unclear but what is obvious is that he is contributing to the toxic meme that is poisoning the GOP.

If it is the GOP’s strategy to alienate and exclude women and Hispanics from the Republican party, then one could say that the aforementioned men have been successful.

The hysteria with which these men have reacted to the nomination of a Latina woman to the Supreme Court of the United States is toxic to the health of the Republican party. During the first three months of the Obama administration, the GOP has been perceived by Americans as the ‘Party of No.’

Thanks largely to former vice-president Dick Cheney and his pal Rush Limbaugh, the GOP can now add the descriptive, “party of torture” to its repertoire. Since Obama nominated Sotomayor to Supreme Court and the subsequent hysteria that has emanated from Limbaugh, Liddy and Beck, the GOP can now add the descriptive, “racist, woman-hating, Hispanic-loathing party” as part of its new meme.
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