Obama, Pelosi, Bush and the CIA!

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Where is the outrage???? First Obama MAY Not Release or Relocate all of the people at Gitmo???? He May not Close it down?!?!?!? What to do now, by not closing it down isn’t he guilty of unlawful detention??? Don’t they have a right to a complete and Fair trial???? And now he is going against a Court order and is not releasing the pictures of prisoner abuse! How dare he not release them!!! The ACLU Sued to get that released and won! Wow if this were bush you would be calling him a war criminal, and have him arrested for Contempt of Court…….

Next, Pelosi accused the CIA of Perjury….I think we should have a serious inquiry into this topic, either the EVIL Bush CIA Lied to the most powerful and Saintly woman in the world, and she called them out on it, so they should be investigated and prosecuted! Or the Speaker of the House is little more than a lying opportunist political hack, who would gladly make our country look bad to make her self look good, and she should be impeached for it. Either way I don’t care.

Finally, in all seriousness, I give a Big 2 Thumbs up to the President for not releasing the photos, there is no reason for it and would only give the radical hate America nut jobs more ammo to attack us with…..and Nancy Pelosi has enough on her plate right now! (Sorry I Couldn’t resist).

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