Why not cut administrators’ pay and consultants before cutting teachers’ wages?

Shouldn’t we but administrators’ pay before we cut teachers’ wages?

“More than 3,000 educators in Orange County were notified last month they could be out of a job in June, and programs ranging from music to sports to counseling have been put on the chopping block as local schools face a combined $287 million budget shortfall,” according to the O.C. Register.

In the face of this financial disaster, some are calling for teachers’ wages to be cut.  Here are three examples given by the O.C. Register:

  • The Orange Unified School District is exploring a plan to slash all employees’ pay by 3.75 percent to help eliminate a $30.1 million budget deficit.
  • Mission Viejo city leaders want all Saddleback Valley Unified employees to take a 4 percent pay cut to save a beloved elementary school from closing.
  • And Capistrano Unified’s school board is clashing with employee unions over a proposed 10 percent across-the-board cut.

But what about the administrators?  They make a lot more than the teachers do.  In Santa Ana, the Superintendent of the SAUSD makes over $250,000 a year!  Why not start by cutting overpaid administrators’ wages?

And what about the millions that many school districts spend on overpaid consultants?

“With an average base pay of $74,528 annually, Orange County teachers have a higher average salary than the average of any U.S. state, including California, according to an Orange County Register analysis of 2007-08 salary data,” according to the O.C. Register.

That may be true, but Orange County has one of the highest costs of living in the entire state of California!   Teachers are not getting rich at these salaries and many of them spent thousands on advanced degrees that they are still paying for.

The Register had to concede that point, “Average teacher salaries in Orange County – ranked the sixth-most expensive place in the United States – plunge to 20th in the nation, with average buying power at $49,226 annually. California’s average salaries drop to 30th in the nation, with average buying power at $47,163.”

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