“Tea Party” Movement is a Bunch of Hooey

Participant at this week’s Tea Party event in PA demonstrates proper “Tea Bagging“.  Click the link and see why associating events with tea bags and teabagging isn’t the best of ideas if you want to be taken seriously. 

What could be more patriotic than holding a tea party to protest taxes?  Maybe a true patriot would remember that the great majority of us are receiving a tax cut under the new Obama administration.   What could be more patriotic than protesting illegals living in the US?  A true patriot would remember that the Bush administration oversaw the irresponsible, porous borders over the last 8 years.  What could be more patriotic than angry protests against helping out distressed homeowners who are in risk of foreclosure, yet not protesting a peep about big corporation bailouts and CEO largesse?  Real patriots would already know that “AngryRenter.com” is make-believe outrage stirred up by rich guys who want to buy up your neighborhoods on the cheap with all their bailout monies.  Tea Parties?  What Hooey!  Uninformed pretend patriots are in the way of making any sense of our current problems! 

Real Patriots are learning how to use websites like OpenCongress.org to keep informed about real congressional bills that are in the works and are transparent for the first time in our technological history.  I don’t get the current Tea Parties.   The whole thing is a bunch of made-up hooey, trotted out by conservative foundations and played out by utter fools.  Yes, I said it.  It’s a phony cause, you  Foolish Protesters.

The “Tea Party” protest movement is: a carefully planned AstroTurf (or “fake grassroots”) lobby campaign hatched and orchestrated by the conservative advocacy organization FreedomWorks, founded in 2004 by Republican conservative, Dick Armey.  The Exiled  has an excellent article, How Freedomworks Gave The Teabaggers a Dirty Sanchez,  on just who is playing who for fools.  If you can’t spot the sucker in the group, the sucker is probably YOU.   If you are a Tea Party Protester, do yourself an enormous favor and read it -and possibly save yourself from future humiliation as this whole thing falls apart under further investigation.  Hey, how many cheesy Freedomworks T-Shirts were sold to angry teabagging suckers at twenty bucks a pop?  Freedomworks has been cashing in BIG TIME during a horrible economy by tapping into “genius” Tea Baggers.  How much pseudo-patriot crapola did all you lemming protesters buy?   HaHaHa, Suckers!

Genius sign left by a genius protester.

Here is a simple acid test on protesters being informed about the issues:  Can ANY of the protesters say what “Socialism” really is?  I have not seen evidence of even one.  And I’ve been looking!


Snips from The Exiled report follows.  I suggest the entire two-page article for a facinating read on how this is going to play out:

The Tea Party movement was born on Feb. 19 with a now-famous rant by second-string CNBC correspondent Rick Santelli, who called for a “Chicago Tea Party” in protest of President Barack Obama’s plans to help distressed American homeowners. Santelli’s call blazed through the blogosphere, greased along by a number of FreedomWorks-funded blogs, propelling him to the status of a 21st century Samuel Adams — a leader and symbol of disenfranchised Americans suffering under big-government oppression and mismanagement of the economy.

That same day, a nationwide “Tea Party” protest movement mysteriously materialized on the Internet. A whole ring of Web sites came online within hours of Santelli’s rant, like sleeper-cell blogs waiting for the trigger to act, all claiming to have been inspired by Santelli’s allegedly impromptu outburst.

At first glance, the sites appeared to be unconnected and unplanned. But many were suspiciously well designed and strangely on point with their “nonpartisan” and “grassroots” statements. It was as if all of them were reading from the same script. The Web sites heavily linked to each other, spreading their mission with help of Facebook and Twitter feeds. FreedomWorks, as if picking up on rumblings coming from the depths of the conservative netroots, linked to them, too.

But as our investigation showed, the key players in the Tea Party Web ring were no amateurs, but rather experienced Republican operatives with deep connections to FreedomWorks and other fake grassroots campaigns pushing pro-big-business interests.

FreedomWorks got caught AstroTurfing their sponsors’ agendas almost as soon as the group was formed. In 2005, when President George W. Bush was trying to get the public to go along with his plans for handing Social Security over to Wall Street bankers, the New York Times revealed that a “regular single mom” paraded by Bush’s White House in its PR campaign was in fact FreedomWorks’ Iowa state director.

Last year, the the Wall Street Journal exposed FreedomWorks’ role in sponsoring AngryRenter.com, a site designed to imitate an amateur blog with a plutocrat’s agenda: to shoot down a $300 billion bill meant to help distressed American homeowners. Freedomworks and its clients understood that if the superwealthy Republicans who opposed the bill were fronting the campaign, it wouldn’t fly with regular Americans buckling under the housing crisis, so they set up Angryrenter.com to give the impression that millions of ordinary Americans were the ones opposing it. The bill passed, but AngryRenter.com served as a warm-up exercise for the Tea Party movement.


The Tea Party movement seemed like it was dead in the water. But what seemed to be another failed FreedomWorks project came back one month later with a vengeance.

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