“Pork barrel spending” in Mission Viejo

Someone, anyone, please send a definition of “fiscal conservative” and “fiduciary responsibilities” to the Mission Viejo city council. While millions of Americans are struggling with real financial hardships, by a vote of 4-1 last night our city council approved spending $285,000 of federal funds along with an additional $30,000 Mission Viejo taxpayers money for kiosks and signs along Oso Creek Trail. [Ref. CIP 317 Agenda Item #8]

Where is Oso Creek Trail anyway?  How many of our 100,000 residents know where Oso Creek Trail is located and need signs to keep from getting lost.

In voicing her opposition council member Cathy Schlicht stated “its a waste of federal funding for four kiosks 13 feet tall and four feet wide.” She went on to add “in this economic climate I can’t even justify expending half this amount.”

Irwin Bornstein, Treasurer/Assistant City manager, added that in addition to the kiosks will be 25 signs. In addition to a matching outlay of around $30,000 Mission Viejo taxpayer funds we have already paid RJM Design $13,000 for the design effort to date.

Council Member Schlicht also stated “its pork barrel spending.”

Gilbert editorial. In time we hope to announce having a fiscal conservative council majority who considers the financial times we live in when spending anyone’s direct or federal stimulus funds.

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