Obama’s 9-11? U.S. Captain held by Merchant Marine Organizers Freed

Three dead and one injured.

From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli… the worlds oceans are, at least temporarily, safe once again for Americans from the scourge of Piracy. Let’s face it. There’s something deep and intrinsic about “pirates” and its more than just the glamour of Johnny Depp. Its a gut clenching fear, a raw emotional response. And our teleprompter-in-chief has just bested a group of pirates and saved the brave ship captain. His stock will jump 10 points, maybe 20.

Right up until this morning, I was ready to gut him for a failure to act. I still think that he simply was forced to act by military advisors who had been chomping at the bit for 72 hours to get the job done. And reluctantly he was forced to take a chance that it could go very bad and make a move. Some are going to say he was “quite and careful”. I say he was a deer in the damn headlights. Look at how he responded… saying nothing for days .

Has it turned out well for him?

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