GOP State Senator George Runner cries about taxes while his wife makes six figures as a state commissioner

Here is what Republican State Senator George Runner wrote in his blog about his involvement in this week’s Tax Day Tea Party Protests:

On Saturday, it was my pleasure to participate in a tax protest rally in the Antelope Valley. At least 500 people attended the spirited event, carrying signs with clever slogans such as: “Born Free, Taxed to Death.”

Along with several of my colleagues, I spoke out against Prop 1A, the measure that will extend the recent $16 billion annual tax increases by two years. It is exactly these types of public protests that will lead to the failure of Prop. 1A in May and bring more awareness to the onerous tax-and-spend mentality that prevails in Sacramento.

But while Runner is crying a river about taxes, his wife, former Assemblywoman Sharon Runner, is pulling down $128,109 a year as a California State Commissioner!  Is Runner a synonym for “hypocrite?”

“Former Assemblywoman Sharon Runner is on the move again — from her $128,109-a-year appointment last month to the California Agricultural Labor Relations Board to today’s $128,109-a-year appointment to the Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board,” according to the Sacramento Bee.

When Sharon Runner was appointed to the California Agricultural Labor Relations Board there was a massive uproar because she voted consistently against farm workers as a Legislator, including voting against the Outdoor Workers Heat Illness Prevention bill.  So Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger found another commission for her to make big bucks on.

The irony is that Runner was appointed to the Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board – retired legislators don’t stay unemployed for long in California.  Sooner or later most of them end up making six figures on state commissions.

And you wonder why our state is broke?

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