Beth Krom’s First Congressional Fund Raiser a Huge Success

Beth Krom and her husband Solly have been married 25 years

Beth Krom and her husband Solly have been married 25 years

“It’s time the 48th Congressional District had real representation in Washington.”

Irvine Councilmember, Beth Krom is planning to run against John Campbell (R-OC) for the 48th Congressional District in 2010.  Her first fundraiser goal hit 30% higher than expected. She is now entering  her second phase of fundraising according to her political website.  She will need to collect $750,000 by Labor Day to stay in the race.  She is described as intelligent, committed, warm, eloquent and a community leader.  She says she’s up for the task of getting elected and there is some speculation that she would do well in debates.  But can she overcome the well-funded GOP incumbent, John Campbell, in conservative Orange County?  If she can keep hitting her fundraising goals, then it should be a good race in 2010.  Good Luck, Beth!

” I’m running because I believe our congressional district is being underserved in Congress,” said Krom. “On issues that matter to this district, the economy, jobs and economic development, education, the environment, public safety and transportation, John Campbell has no record of accomplishment either as a Congressman or as a State Legislator. My record on these issues is clear and one with multiple accomplishments. I hope to bring my experience as a accessible public official at Irvine City Hall to the halls of Congress.”

Quoted in a copy of her latest Newswire press release,  Krom’s election in 2010 will be historic, reflecting the political shift occurring in Orange County. With President Barack Obama winning the 48th last November and Krom’s extraordinary cross-over appeal in her local elections, the race promises to be exciting.

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