Why is Jerbal promoting Democratic candidate Tom Daly on his GOP blog?

Why is Red-faced County blog editor Matt “Jerbal” Cunningham promoting Democratic Supervisorial candidate Tom Daly on his ostensibly Republican blog?

Jerbal ran this item today:

Daly’s moolah-raiser is on the blessed day itself: March 17, at McCormick & Schmick’s Grille at the Anaheim GardenWalk. Click here to see the invite. The host committee is an ideological and partisan cross-section of the county politerati. That isn’t surprising given Daly’s historic knack for pulling support from both sides of the aisle, an interesting manifestation of which is I will hear, in the space of a few days, Daly criticized on the Left as an anti-union DINO and on the Right as a pro-union liberal.

Has Jerbal forgotten that there is a conservative hero, Fullerton Councilman Shawn Nelson, running against Daly?

Here is a question for Jerbal – how would Daly have voted on today’s controversial de-funding of Planned Parenthood’s teen sex education program by the O.C. Supervisors?   Hmmm….I wonder.  Of course Jerbal waxed poetic about what Talibani Supervisor John Moorlach and his pals did, even though Daly likely would have been the one “no” vote.

Promoting Daly on a GOP blog is just plain nuts!

I wonder which turncoat Republicans will join Jerbal and his master John Lewis in supporting Daly?

Will it be the same hacks who backed the Measure M tax?  Or who were involved in fighting Measure D?

We’ll be outing them here on the Orange Juice…

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