Why does GOP pollster Adam Probolsky need a concealed weapon permit?

Does GOP hack Adam Probolsky really need a concealed weapon?

“Those who have received notices of revocation from Sheriff Sandra Hutchens include Michael Schroeder, chief political and legal advisor to Carona and a former chairman of the state Republican Party; Adam Probolsky, a GOP pollster; and Stephen Mensinger, a political ally of Carona and business executive for major GOP benefactor and developer George Argyros, public records show,” according to the L.A. Times.

Why in the world does Probolsky need a concealead weapon permit?

“Probolsky said he has not responded to the department’s letters. He said he has had his permit since 2002 and needs it because he worked as a volunteer reserve for the department. ”

Lame.  He WORKED as a reserve but he certainly is no reserve now!  What a joke! 

I support the rights of those who have a legimate reason to be packing heat…but GOP hacks don’t have a right to do so just because they are self-important.

Probolsky is, by the way, an adviser to both Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido and Orange County Supervisor Janet Nguyen.  I wonder if they asked for his input when Nguyen recently gave Pulido $200K to build a clay tennis court?  Birds of a feather this bunch!

And check out Probolsky’s arrogant response to Hutchens, “I don’t think that it’s productive to respond to the sheriff at all,” he said. “So I’m just going to ignore it.”

What an arrogant S.O.B.!  I hope Hutchens sends her deputies to arrest Probolsky.  Perhaps he will offer a response then…

By the way, if you check out Probolsky’s website, you will find this little piggy has been living high off the public hog for some time, to wit:

Mr. Probolsky is a past Planning Commissioner and a past Finance Commissioner for the City of Irvine. As Planning Commissioner, he held decision making authority over billions of dollars in development, transportation and infrastructure projects.

As a past chairman of the Irvine Valley College Foundation, Mr. Probolsky has overseen fund raising and the award of hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships to students.

Mr. Probolsky serves on the County of Orange Waste Management Commission, where he oversees landfills, recycling programs and waste hauling companies. As a member of the Orange County Transportation Authority’s Environmental Mitigation and Oversight Committee, Mr. Probolsky oversees the expenditure of over $200 million in public transportation funds. Also, Mr. Probolsky is a past volunteer spokesperson for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

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