Sixty five pro gun Democrats in the U.S. Congress?

“Gun-rights supporters in the Democratic Party are putting to rest any doubt over who holds sway in Congress with a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder warning him not to try to reinstate an assault-weapons ban.  Sixty-five Democrats signed the letter, a show of force with implications for several other issues, including a bill to grant the District of Columbia a vote in the House,” according to The Hill.

“Now we know there are 65 pro-gun Democrats,” said Rep. Mike Ross (D-Ark.). “When you add up all the pro-gun Republicans and the pro-gun Democrats, that or any other anti-gun legislation is DOA.”

This news surely bodes ill for O.C. Sheriff Sandra Hutchens, who has tweaked the gun rights lobby here in Orange County.  She thinks that she will get support from Democrats and Republicans.  Well, if there really are that many NRA supporters in the ranks of the Democrats, then Hutchens is in real trouble.

I wonder also what sort of ramification this will have on the Democrats who are pushing for more gun control in the wake of news that many of the guns being used by Mexican drug dealers have come from American gun dealers and collectors? 

Most Americans clearly believe in the 2nd Amendment.  Now we know that quite a few Democrats do too.  Who would have predicted that?

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