“Outrageous!” AIG is handing out your money as bonuses!

You taxpayers are Number 1!  Thanks for our well-deserved bonuses at AIG this coming week!  Thanks Guys!

AIG would like to thank everyone who is trying to survive the current economic crises.  Especially if you’ve lost your job or have taken a particularly hard hit on your savings and investments.  You might be having trouble hanging onto your home or paying your own bills, but AIG fat cats are exempt from all that! Thank you for your extreme generosity in making sure that AIG super stars get their much-deserved multi-million dollar bonuses this coming week!  

They’ve worked hard to bring the company to its knees and the bonus money proves it.  It takes work and dedication to force an undiciplined insurance giant to the brink of ruin and demand that taxpayers bail it out.  Multi-million dollar bonuses for the top AIG brass will be paid out this week.

Of course, not everyone’s happy about this raid of public funds.  I know I’m not.  I’m angry!  So is Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell R-Kentucky:

“The message here, I’m afraid, to any business out there that’s thinking about taking government money, is let’s enter into a bunch of contracts real quick, and we’ll have the taxpayers pay bonuses to our employees.  This is an outrage.”

Remember when you and I bailed AIG out last October?  Two weeks after they scored the $85 BILLION dollar “loan” from us, those dudes took the money and partied out at the St. Regis @ Monarch Beach, where ocean-view rooms start at $565 a night and “world class luxury” is the rule.  Here’s the resort and take a look at the tab we picked up for AIG’s excesses during a time when the average person is financially struggling.

AIG’s St. Regis blowout bill: $443,344

AIG American General spent:

$147,302 for banquets
$139,375 on rooms
$23,380 for spa services
$6,939 for golf
$5,016 at the Stonehill Tavern
$3,065 for in-room dining and the lobby lounge
$2,949 for gratuities
$1,901 at the Monarch Bayclub
and $1,488 at the resort’s Vogue Salon    Link

If you can stomach it, here is the actual final bill from the St. Regis and it’s quite a bit more than AIG was willing to claim.  But that is OLD news, now isn’t it?  Back to the juicy bonus action coming up this week…..

This time, AIG’s chief executive, Edward Liddy, claims that the bonuses are legal and that the government cannot nullify those contracts.  There will apparently be lawsuits by those fat cats if they don’t get their expected bonuses for their mismanagement and fraud!  AIG’s “hands are tied!”  Liddy stated to Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner.   Hmmmm….. Is that Blackmail I smell?

Really, now.  I think that each one of those fatties should have their name and the amount of the intended bonus published so us lowly tax payers can see just who is holding us tax payers hostage. I don’t understand why any of these parasites even have jobs.  The only bonus they deserve is a pink slip and a trip to visit Bernie Madoff.  Since when are we obligated to reward people who are responsible for colossal failure?   ABC News has a spirited discussion going on right now and if you are interested, here is the link.

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