Jerbal R.I.P.?

Is this the end of “Jerbal?”  One of my readers noted that the “Jerbal” name is missing over at the Red Clownty blog.  Sure enough, it would appear that Red Clownty editor Matt Cunningham has at last dropped his anon name, years after the O.C. Weekly outed him.  Gone is the “Jerbal.”

I am also told that earlier today a different Red Clownty blogger was noted as their editor.  Our former blogger Chris Emami briefly was identified as the new Red Clownty editor.

What is up at Red Clownty?  Are they finally understanding how much they have damaged themselves by their late reporting of the Fullerton Tax Protest and their very late reporting of the ridiculous endorsement of Democrat Tom Daly, by Red-faced clown John Lewis?

Or did the dam break when John and Ken ripped Red Clownty for twenty minutes on their radio show this week?  That show has over 670,000 listeners!  All of them were told that Red Clownty is a blog for “political hacks” and “Kool Aid drinkers.”

So is this curtains for “Jerbal?”

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