Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association launches new website after hackers attacked this weekend

Howard Jarvis

We reported previously that Mark Patlan’s Tax Revolt 2009 website was attacked this weekend.  As it turned out, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association website was also attacked – most likely by GOP hacks who are upset that the lame Republican legislators who voted to put the tax increase measure 1A on the May ballot are being targeted by the HJTA.

Here is what the HJTA had to say about the attack on their site, and the launch of their new website:

On Sunday, the HJTA website was maliciously attacked. The sustained assault on the gateway resulted in a DOS (Denial of Service), effectively shutting down access to all visitors. While we may not be able to trace the attack back to its origin, we strongly suspect that the culprit or culprits object to HJTA’s anti-tax stand and its opposition to Proposition 1A — the $16 billion tax increase on the May 19 Special Election ballot.

We apologize to anyone who attempted to visit the site and was denied access. The new, improved HJTA website is now up and running and ready to serve your information needs. Go there now to learn more about the 2009 California Tax Revolt.

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