A decade at Bernies!

Bernie Madoff yesterday traded his Brooks Brothers/Armani suit for County Orange.  He made his plea in front of a judge and walked underground, safe from the prying eyes of the press to his new temporary digs at county.  Bernie of course spent literally weeks in his $7 Million dollar garden apartment penthouse….surrounded by his wife, family and closest 100 friends.  Most of those lawyers.  Bernie has been very busy burying his several Billion dollars in ill-gotten gains…from 95 year old grandma’s, dead suicide victims and hundreds of fully defrocked millionaires.

“I cannot adequately express how deeply sorry I am for what I have done”.. stated Madoff to the judge.  We are sure of one thing……his apology is not enough.  People have indeed committed suicide because of his actions, people have been thrown out of their homes because of his actions and many more Foundations and Charity Organizations are now out of business because of Bernie Madoff.  Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw have felt the Bernard Madoff sting along with the likes Kira Sedgewick and Kevin Bacon.

This is a redistribution of nearly $65 Billion dollars in private investment cash.  Bernie faces 150 years….in prison.  It is not enough.  Once people killed themselves because of his actions…..we are talking “death penalty” possibilities.  Not just Madoff, by the way.  His brother, his son, his family members and even close business associates all share in his shame and his guilt.  They need to go down……hard!

Bernie Madoff used his Jewish Temple as the central source for his “Mr. Ponzi” scheme.  He used everyone he came in contact with, every business associate that he could move……to take their money out of their pocket and  put it into his.  Where is all that money?  How many Union Bank of Switzerland numbered accounts belong to Bernie Madoff?  How much of that money is buried in land and Real Estate that is in someone else’s name?

The truth is:  The Madoff Crime family needs to become penniless in the extreme!  Every penny, every showing good or property should be auctioned off that belongs to any members of the Madoff family.  Is it possible that Bernie operated in a vacuum?  No one knew anything….no one grasped that Bernie was stealing for well over a decade.  10 years of blatant cruel and despicable behavior….leaving 1000’s without.

It is easy to say: “Buyer Beware!”.  How could anyone expect 22% returns on their money…..year in and year out?  The question remains however:  How much harm can one person do, for how long and not be punished to the full extent of the law?

Bernie, you make Ken Lay, Jeff Skillings and Bernie Ebbers all look like guys that switched their golf balls on the 18th green….to gain a stroke!  This is going to be an important case for the Department of Justice.  They need to get all the “usual suspects”, collect “all the family members” and get to “all known associates!”

If “Justice” ever needed to be blind……….now is the time!  And let’s hope she knows how to use that sword!

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