Why the fuss over a little warm weather?

To believe in Global Warming or, in the new nomenclature, “Climate Change”, you have to believe in three things:

1. That carbon in the atmosphere can create climate change.
2. That there is global warming and human behavior is its primary cause.
3. That the consequences will be catastrophic

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32,000 scientists now dispute the claims of global warming. Evidence of “climate change” is consistently found to be misrepresented (the floating polar bears) and now, misinterpreted.

According to bloomberg.com

A glitch in satellite sensors caused scientists to underestimate the extent of Arctic sea ice by 500,000 square kilometers (193,000 square miles), a California- size area.

Now, of course that won’t be enough for the dogmatists. “Giant ice sheets are still breaking off into the ocean!” Maybe we’ll be able to start farming Greenland again! But I digress…

A little further digging and you can find out that, in fact, the Global Sea Ice has not shrunk since 1979 but instead has grown by 22,000 square kilometers!

Now all those who claim to be interested in America’s status in world opinion and who believe in climate change have themselves in a catch 22. As long as they continue to blame western CO2 for death and destruction around the globe, green groups and third world governments will step up their demands that the West recompensate with wealth transfers and financial compensation.

But even this administration isn’t about to try that. Its a losing argument since developing nations like China will soon surpass us. Instead, they will fight back with “carbon tariffs“, which will create more hostility. Ultimately, there is now a growing risk that the whole global-warming scare is creating more anti-Western hostility and further loss of influence on the international stage.

Good job Democrats! Keep up the positive vibes! You’ll be flat on your belly like Libertarians in no time!

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