The Yes Man! Party

The Democrats are the party of Yes!

Yes, we want government to spend our childrens money! Yes, there will always be rich people to blame for it! Yes the middle class will actually pay! Yes, we think government can run peoples lives better than they can do it themselves! Yes, we are scared to live on our own! Yes, we hear “no earmarks” when there are 9000 earmarks! Yes, we know that most of the money will never create one job. Yes, we dont care! Yes, we are becoming the late night joke. Yes, we know the stock market is tanking. Yes, we think bipartisan means everyone agrees with us!

Yes, we actually believe government spending will bring us an economic recovery. Yes, we realize that if that were true all we would have to do is build a bunch of tanks and planes and drive them into the ocean and get the same result. Yes, we know government spending was cut by TWO THIRDS after the Second World War and there was prosperity and Yes we choose to ignore it!

Yes, we believed it was good to argue and disagree with government before Obama! Yes, we believe we have the right to silence anyone who wants to disagree now! Yes, we know we won’t have to pay the bill we’re running up! Yes, we know that people who believe government should take care of they and their kids strangely dont have kids. Yes, we believe feeling good about ourselves is ALL that matters! Yes, we know no government program has ever succeeded. Yes we know making people work for government is treating people like pack animals! Yes, we know we sound like we love them while we actually hate them! Yes, we say yes to anything because we dont know what else to say!

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