The Democrat ‘culture of corruption’ boomerang has returned to smack the donkey in the face

HHS candidate Tom Daschle is a lame joke, wasting congress’ time because he’s too corrupt to pay his taxes. Is there anyone left in America who can say this man will help make Obama look good? When will the BHO’s admit its time to move on for the good of America?

Paris is rejecting their own version Obama’s ridiculous government spending spree. Seems even the French are smart enough to realize government spending doesnt equal economic stimulus.

600 party donors flew corporate jets into DC for the inauguration and to lay money into Democrat coffers for favors to be named later. A CEO flies into DC for hearings about how Congress is worried about how much he is being PAID and its a SCANDAL. Do Democrat fat cats need to ask joe six-pack what THEY look like?


The Government Spending Spree Omnibus Bill is not likely to pass the US Senate. Bipartisanship only exists in opposing this ugly, corrupt, money grabbing piece of legislation.

Bill Richardson probed! Blago busted! Charlie Rangel investigated! Eliot Spitzer ruined! Kwame Kilpatrick jailed! Bill “Freezer” Jefferson indicted! … and so on.

News of homes built by Jimmy Carter’s Habitat for Humanity crumbling and causing illness to inhabitats is leaking out.

Hmmm, do Democrats wonder why they are starting to look like they have started this year with their shoelaces tied?

On the local side…

The final word is in on donations on Proposition 8. Turns out the Mormon Church never donated any actual CASH. Just time, and buildings. Hm. Think those anti-religious bigots will pony up an apology? Don’t hold your breath.

And Portland mayor Sam Adams, the first gay mayor in a large city, has admitted to a sexual relationship with a teenager and lying about it to get elected. Now, is he a hypocrite because he lied? Or can he only be a hypocrite and a target of media attention if he were registered GOP?

The time for patience is coming to an end.

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