Should California have a part-time State Legislature?

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We have one of the most dysfunctional State Legislatures in the nation – small wonder then that “a recent poll shows a majority of residents supporting a part-time Legislature,” according to the Fresno Bee.

The Bee summed up the problem in an editorial, excerpted below:

Even a budget resolution won’t be enough to fix the damage that Assembly Speaker Karen Bass, Assembly Minority Leader Mike Villines, Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg and Senate Minority Leader Dave Cogdill have done to the state.

The Democrats and Republicans leading us in the Legislature are so fiercely partisan that they put party politics ahead of what’s good for Californians. The drawn-out budget mess is evidence of that problem, with most of the squabbling because of the need to cater to the special interests that control the Democrats and Republicans.

The latest Capitol Weekly/Probolsky Research Poll shows that 51% of those surveyed favor a part-time Legislature, with 36% opposed. The poll results aren’t surprising

The current full-time Legislature was instituted in 1966, and the aim was to have a professional lawmakers working on the state’s problems full time. It’s been a miserable failure, with legislators mostly working on political issues instead of devising 21st century solutions to California’s challenges.

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