Recovery.Gov…..making it happen!

A funny thing happened on the way to the new Presidency…..a semblance of accountability.

How is this possible?  What happened to the first Trillion bucks that President Bush gave to Hank Paulson?  “Don’t know…Don’t Ask!” Now when you think about the word “temerity”…you have to know that means “guts or juevos or something macho” that offers no responsibility for the actions thusly taken.  Well, now that we have a new President…the new broom has come in and by golly we now have at least “the appearance” of propriety.

We do have to hand it to the new Administration….that through the many appointment set-backs…..they have been pushing right through.  We are still rather upset about Bill Richardson…not making the cut.  But having said all that….we invite all to view President Obama’s attempt at clarity and open government.  All the nay sayers will have their take…including Rush and Sean and Bill……..We can’t wait to see what they might say about any of it really!

Actually, we are proud of this effort to tell the American Citizen where in the heck this borrowed money is directed toward.  Who really knows where this stuff goes eventually.  We are fully supporting the Mag-Lev train to Vegas from Anaheim for instance.  That idea has been around since the Eisenhower Administration.  It was only all those gas stations that organized crime owned on the way to Vegas that kept this great idea from fruition.  Just kidding “Blogistsphere Cops”!

OK, well let us hope that the State of California follows suit…..and offers to put there traceability in place too.  It would be lovely to know after the $26 billion goes to California….where it might end up from there!  In fact, every state that receives these “Stimulus Two” funds…should be responsibly enough to offer their citizens “full disclosure”!

Then what about the Cities and the Counties that get this cash?  Shouldn’t they also “be charged” to do the same thing and show people exactly where and how much cash has been dispensed and how much more is yet to be handed out?  Time to put our local “electeds” feet to the fire!  The President has set the bar pretty high….and it’s about time the next tier down follows the leader!

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