President Obama’s “buy American plan” strikes out

What were they thinking? We live in a global marketplace. As such not only do we export goods but we are also a major importer of products. So  the brainstorm of trying to mandate using only US manufactured steel materials in the recovery plan was simply poorly thought out.

As a former IEEE Working Group Chairman I led an international contingent of engineering and marketing directors representing the USA on International Standards relating to EC 92 which obviously was a few years ago. At that time we were aware of the protectionism that existed in foreign countries against US products such as France when we tried to compete for their business. Almost 50% of DEC sales were to European clients. We were forced to open manufacturing plants on the mainland with a fixed percentage of the labor content coming from those nations in order to do business.

I read on Drudge that president Obama is now backing down to avoid a trade war with the EU.

We should never have considered such an ill conceived procurement policy. Sadly, that is what you get when you have an inexperienced leader on the tiller of state.

Note: The Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers, IEEE, is the worlds largest technical society with over 375,000 members in 160 countries

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