Open Primary threatens both red and blue hacks

We don’t have to guess what will happen when California voters pass Abel Maldonado’s Open Primary measure.  We already approved such a measure a few years ago.  And sure enough, back in 2000, two Orange County conservative Republicans got whacked by moderates.   Jim Righeimer lost to Tom Harman, in a State Assembly race, and Bruce Matthias lost to Lynn Daucher in a State Assembly race.

Know this – Matthias was a former Chief of Staff to John Lewis.  This is why Red-faced County editor Matt “Jubal” Cunningham hates Daucher so much.  And this is why he really hates Open Primaries even more.  Lewis hacks don’t normally lose elections – but Matthias did – and he lost because of the Open Primary.

Is this why Cunningham is using Facebook to attack Maldonado?  Probably.  It is interesting that Cunningham chose to attack Maldonado only, ignoring the other Republicans who voted to pass the State Budget and to raise our taxes. 

I don’t know that Cunningham is a racist per se, but he is certainly guilty of race-baiting.  And now he and his red-faced cohorts are running scared because the Open Primary is going to destroy their careers.  Cunningham will be wrecked as will Jeff Flint, Jon Fleischman, Michael Schroeder, John Lewis,etc.  Their candidates will not win – they will all be losers like Righeimer.  And that is a good thing for the people of California.

As for the Democrats, they too will be punished by the Open Primary.  In particular, the union lackeys who vote for tax increases will be in trouble.  Moderates like State Senator Lou Correa will be fine, but useless union hacks like Jose Solorio will be in dire straits.

My recommendation for Cunningham and company is that they learn how to do something useful for a living.  Their political consulting work is going to go down the drain…

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