Never mind Correa – state budget now hinges on State Senator Abel Maldonado’s vote

State Senate Leader Darrell Steinberg talks to reporters as budget vote falls apart

(Picture taken by an Orange Juice pajarito in Sacramento)

“Sen. Abel Maldonado said this afternoon he’s open to providing the final Republican budget vote needed to close the deal on the state’s $40 billion budget shortfall,” according to the Sacramento Bee.

Hours later he apparently did cut a deal with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and State Legislative leaders, according to a pajarito in Sacramento.

Republican State Assemblyman Chuck Devore is reporting that Maldonado wanted an Open Primary in return for his vote.  If that is true, that is welcome news.  Open Primary = less extremists in the State Legislature.

But will Maldonado vote to increase our taxes?

He isn’t exactly tight with Governor Schwarzenegger.  “Maldonado is still resentful that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t support him in his campaign for state controller in 2006,” according to the Sacramento Bee.

I think Maldonado will end up voting for the district – but will that doom his prospects if he runs for State Controller again?


My pajarito is reporting that the deal has fallen apart – the budget talks will continue tomorrow.

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