Michael Phelps….needs a urine test!

Disappointment in others is a terrible responsibility.  There is nothing worse than attacking someone and then finding out that your idea about that person was totally wrong.  They call it “Shraden Freunden” or some derivation ….which is the thought that when someone famous falls on hard times it raises the spirt of the small people in the world.

How can you take a phenom such as Michael Phelps, who captured eight Gold Medals in Swimming at the most recent Olympic Games, breaking the record of seven by Mark Spitz and demonize him?  The Michael Phelps accomplishments as phenomenal as they are…..requires bigger shoulders.  As the saying goes: “Big Rewards require big responsibilities!  Michael Phelps became the instant darling of the media and appeared everywhere.

Having said that….Phelps had a few missteps:  Endorsing a suger full cereal named Kellog’s Frosted Flakes….metaphorical of coarse…but maybe not as the latest word is his Party Boy Bong Toting Episode.  What next?  The upgraded Kim Kardashian files?  Michael should have gotten “the word from the bird” and dumped any endosements which were not “All American, clean cut basic boy!”  But then, who cares?  Afterall, they say that Press is good no matter what they say!  This Bong gig however may tarnish his Gold a bit.

Michael Phelps, you are a funny looking guy that needs acting lessons, you need a much better PR Firm and you need a new agent – because he is evidently not taking very much care of you or your image.  By the way, all your accomplishments all happened way back in 2008!  What?  You can’t stand not being in the paper or on Jay Leno?  Call Britney or Paris and get on their “A List”….you will be covered on Entertainment Tonight..every night.

Meanwhile, for the 1000th time:  “Eight Gold Medals?”  “Wow, we are very impressed…..but what did Mom say about your Party Hardy Bong photo?  Sorry Mom, you forgot to pick up his stinky socks ….this time!  What you need to do Michael…is take that urine test every Saturday night when you get home and send the results to your local PD!

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