Mexico is now second only to Al Qaeda

“Outgoing CIA Director Michael Hayden points out, Mexico poses a great threat to U.S. security, second only to Al Qaeda.  I’m glad at least SOMEONE is remembering our suffering neighbor who has been plagued with drug violence for decades, only to have it recently explode into unprecedented brutality and death in 2008,” according to the “Partnership for a Secure America.”

But what to do?  We are already giving millions to Mexico.  And we cannot trust their government officials, police officers and military officers.  So money won’t solve the problem.

But did you know that it is almost impossible to own a gun in Mexico?  The only people who have them are the cops, soldiers and of course the drug dealers.  Even buying ammunition is a travail.

So the people of Mexico cannot protect themselves as they are caught between two warring groups.  And this is all our fault – yes it is.  It is American drug policy that has ruined Mexico.  Will President Obama change our misguided drug policy?  I don’t think so.  He will continue the ruinous policy that has created a major security threat on our southern border.  And we may all pay the price eventually…

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