GOP State Senator Abel Maldonado makes Democrats another offer for his vote

It looks like Democratic State Senate Leader Darrell Steinberg will get his way after all.  Republican State Senator Abel Maldonado is asking “for ballot measures to create an open primary system, prohibit legislative pay raises in deficit years and stop legislators from receiving salaries if they do not pass a budget on time,” according to the Sacramento Bee.

Will the Democrats sign off on all of this?  I think so.

According to the Bee, Sen. Lou Correa, D-Santa Ana, said, “I independently think these are all great ideas.”

I agree with Correa.  I am supportive of all three of these proposals.  Do I like the proposed state budget?  No.  Do I like the increase in taxes?  No.  But I would welcome an open primary.

Will Maldonado be able to run for statewide office despite voting for higher taxes?  Maybe.  The open primary would be a game-changer.  And the other two proposals would be welcomed by the public.  He might actually come out of this a winner – but it remains to be seen how California’s voters will react to higher taxes, during the worst recession in modern history.

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