Ford and GM stock. Cheaper than a cup of coffee or a gallon of gas

As the Down Jones closed at 7,115 today, we realize that you can purchase a share of Ford stock (at $1.74) or G.M. (at $1.77) for less than the cost of a cup of coffee or a gallon of gasoline. Did you ever think this would happen?
Am I suggesting that we stop drinking Colombian blend Java and focus on saving American jobs by buying these stocks?  Sounds good, but there surely is a major risk in this market.

Having just left our bank, no, we don’t own a bank, I spoke to the Vice President whom I have known for a few years. We discussed friends and employees of that bank that lost their money invested in the bank’s stock.  The name, Washington Mutual, which is now part of Chase.
As a follow up to that visit it might be of interest to inquire as to how many Juice readers have their retirement funds invested in corporate stocks, where they work, whose firms are now tanking?

While it is unfair to grade president Obama after only 34 days in office the picture on Wall Street is not rosy. In fact the picture on Main Street is just as bleak.

Sorry, but I find president Obama’s taxing the rich to cut the federal budget deficit in half in the next four years to be a radical target. While he speaks of cutting our troops in Iraq he just approved deployment of another 17,000 troops into Afghanistan.

The “free market” is the only way to bail out our country. I would opine that president Obama’s Agenda, taking America into Socialism, will backfire and cost the Democratic party seats in Congress in 2010.
How large does he plan to increase our federal deficit when he just stated that “trillion-dollar deficits will be a reality for years to come.”

Larry. Your beginning to ramble. What happened to your stock tip of the day that opened this post? “Keep your money under a pillow until we can see over the horizon.”

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