Did President Obama fix the Superbowl for his friend Dan Rooney?

Did you know that President Barack Obama predicted that the Steelers would win today’s Superbowl?  In fact he said, before the game, that “I think the Steelers are going to eek it out in the end,” according to the Associated Press.

Interestingly, the Cardinals were plagued by penalties in what turned out to be a tight game.  Ultimately, Obama’s friend, Dan Rooney, who owns the Steelers, was able to celebrate yet another Superbowl victory for his team.

And now Rooney might be in line to become the U.S. Ambassador to Ireland, according to the Washington Times.

So let’s sort this out.  Obama was supported by Rooney, who gave him money and also walked for him and encouraged all of his friends and associated to do the same.  Obama predicted a Steelers victory – that would be eeked out at the end.  And the owner of the Steelers, Rooney, is now being considered for a U.S. Ambassadorship.  Just saying, could Obama have nudged the NFL, and its referees, into over-penalizing the upstart Cardinals?

Consider that, according to the Indiana Gazette, “NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell cite Rooney as a mentor.”  Hmmm….

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