Counties should secede from California tyranny

It’s time for the counties to secede from California. The large counties should do so by themselves, the counties with smaller populations should band together. Each county — or group of counties — would become a new American state.

Some news items show why this is needed now:

* Because the state government’s budget is $42 billion in the red, it’s withholding money from local governments. Now, Los Angeles County supervisors are considering withholding money from the state. They should do it.

Los Angeles doesn’t need the California government, which is a massive parasite. Los Angeles County has 10 million people, more than 40 states. That’s more than Georgia, North Carolina, New Jersey, or Virginia. So it should be a state.

For that matter, Orange County, where I live, has 3 million people, more than 20 states. That’s more than Mississippi, Arkansas, or Kansas. So it should be a state, too.

* California’s credit rating just dropped to the lowest of all 50 states. hat means higher interest rates paid on the state’s debt, which means an even higher deficit. Standard and Poor’s wrote of the drop:

At its current level, the rating generally recognizes our view of the lack of political progress around the budget negotiations that we believe is serving to exacerbate the state’s current and projected cash position.

Translation: The state’s broke.  In that case, why do we even need the state? Why can’t the counties — or groups of counties, in the case of the less populated areas — become free and independent states?

* The state still is refusing to pay tax refunds owed citizens.

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I was an editorial writer at The Orange County Register for 19 years, until I took a buyout in 2006.