Congressman Joseph Cao’s Tet Festival fundraiser flops

GOP Assemblyman Van Tran and his cronies held a fundraiser for Ahn Joseph Cao, the first Vietnamese American Congressman, this past weekend when he visited Orange County’s Little Saigon. However, the event was a complete dud!

Our former blogger, Little Saigon Insider, wrote a post about this, which I am excerpting below:

It was a dead event that the ambient probably prompted Joseph Cao to give such an uninspiring rambling speech. The whisper after the fund raising event was this guy really is ” Cho ngap phai ruoi” or to put it more politely an accidental congressman. John Duong, vice president of V-Home Group and one time mayoral candidate was the MC for the event.

The organizing committee are the who’s who of Little Saigon political power – Assemblyman Van Tran and his cohort of councilmembers – Dina, Tri, Andy, Truong, and school board trustee Lan Nguyen. And the event was organized by US Congressman Ed Royce and Van Tran themselves as the print on the invitation would suggest. In addition, the wealthiest businessman of Little Saigon put his name to welcome Cao – Frank Jao (V-Home Group and Bridegecreek Development). Jao and his wife were the official host and hostess. And of course, all the advertisement, hype and media attention from mainstream to all newspapers in Little Saigon.

V-Home Group is a $10 million fund starting out with money from a lot of people in San Jose including Thanh Nguyen (owner of Paramit, a hi – tech board design and manufacturing company) and Trung Dung (a software entrepreneur).

Their initial investments were a processing plant in Binh Dien, Ho chi Minh City, equity stake in EMHI, a licensing company with rights for all Walt Disney products in Vietnam and a 5% equity stake in Vietnam Net, a bilingual internet news portal spin-off but still under the control of Vietnam Postal & Telecom.

Well how do you like that? Jao and his pals are investing in commie businesses in Vietnam! I wonder if the protesters that showed up in Santa Ana to shut down the FOB II art exhibit know that Van Tran’s allies are invested in all sorts of businesses in Commie Vietnam? Why do they get a free pass?

As for Cao, he will be a one term wonder. The Democrats will take back that seat in two years. My advice to Cao – go blue and do so quickly!

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