Are you there ACLU? It’s me, FREEDOM!

Are you there ACLU? It’s me FREEDOM!

Growing up in South Orange County in a Conservative household I can always remember my fathers’ disgusted reaction when the News would mention some “Civil Rights” lawsuit brought by the ACLU. They are nothing more than a group of G- D  Da- – -d Communists! As I grew up I developed my own view of the ACLU, I didn’t think they were communists, as much as a group of Liberal Elitists, who hated America, and took great pride in being “above, and more enlightened” than the rest of us “common folk”.

 They now proudly display positions on their website, such as letting terrorists out of Gitmo, and giving them complete trials, complete with discovery rights, and all of the legal protections we have here,  getting prisoners Spa treatments, and throwing people in jail, who mention God in public. (I know, it is an exaggeration)

 So I started to wonder why I did not see them at the Orange County Board of Supervisors Meeting earlier this month? For a group of people involved in Civil Rights, and that fights the abuse of power, I was sure they would be there. We have a Sheriff, who is violating “Due Process” also violating the “freedom of information act” by not releasing text messages. Using police to “Spy on the BOS” with the video system, and then “stole the tape” She has brought extra police to intimidate the crowd, so where is the ACLU?

 In order to understand this we have to see which group this was, this was a group of “GUN OWNERS”. No need to protect them, we disagree with them! You see the ACLU is about the largest group of Hypocrites in the world! They claim to be about civil rights, but they pick and choose what they consider rights! Sorry but if you look at the Bill of rights, right behind the one you use to, say whatever you want, and defend child porn, is the one that Guarantees the right of the people to bear arms! Pretty cut and dry. Last year this was confirmed by the Hellar case in the US Supreme court.

 So where were you? Oops! As usual, I guess dad was right.

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