P.S. Obama, thanks for the $13 a week.

The Stimulus Package is a LIE.

I could live with the package if it were truthful.  If it were a package intended to stimulate the economy, but on philosophical grounds I had a problem with the amount of money being spent, then that is what I would say. But I can’t. Good people can differ on what works, and how much the government should intervene. But this bill is a lie. This is a huge spending plan, with a few theoretical elements that stimulate growth “much later”.

People went into too much debt, banks went into too much debt based on the loans they gave out (although banks consider loans assets – but that’s another story about the beast of Jekyll Island), the government is in too much debt, etc… And so the solution to debt is far more debt.

Now, here is the lie. In this ugly, despicable bill, there is $6.5 billion dollars for medical research. I LOVE that we are spending tax money on cancer research. And thanks to Republican Sen Arlen Specter, that is in the bill. But that money does NOTHING, NOTHING to stimulate the economy. Now, maybe we need an Econ 101 definition of stimulus. Even if every penny is spent wisely, its not the truth. Billions spent on the Anaheim – Las Vegas Harry Reid maglev train. Great idea maybe. But it doesnt stimulate the economy. I just picked two items in the bill, one which I would strongly support. Neither belong there. Or they should call this the GOSH DON’T WE FEEL GOOD BILL.

Main Entry: stim·u·lus  Function: noun Etymology: Latin Date: 1684 : something that rouses or incites to activity: as a: incentive b: stimulant 1 c: an agent (as an environmental change) that directly influences the activity of a living organism or one of its parts (as by exciting a sensory organ or evoking muscular contraction or glandular secretion)

It doesn’t stimulate people to spend, and it doesnt stimulate banks to loan. The first $300 billion showed that, but I will probably have people on this BLOG try to say that MORE SPENDING will do the job. It doesn’t. It never has. Japan has learned this from 13 “stimulus” bills since the 90’s. And they are still looking for the next one. Think about it. The shovel ready jobs start up down the street. Does that make you more willing to go down to Abercrombie and Fitch and buy that cute outfit? Or to Orchard Supply and get those new tools? I mean, seriously??? If you even try to write “spending is stimulus” without quotations or a good laugh at the end, people are going to think you’ve lost you’re mind!!

The people who promote the spending bill as good for the economy have no worthwhile intentions, no worthwhile motives, and cannot be trusted. There is no justice if there is no truth, there is no goodness if there is no truth, and lies are the greatest enemy of mankind.

The reason that so many are willing to stand back and let this gross monstrosity of manipulating every freedom loving individual and enslaving them with the taxation it will take to repay all of these GOOD DEEDS is because many people believe there will always be rich people to take it from.

That’s it. That’s all they have. “Oh, there will always be people to tax. Always be someone around to foot MY bill. Yep, I am POSITIVE.” Utter schmucks.

And let me go further. Elements of this bill that actually WERE stimulus, such as a tax credit up to $150,000 for qualified home buyers – thats $15000 in tax credit. THAT is stimulus. And it was taken OUT of the bill by the Democrats because they don’t believe in it.

Spending is stimulus? Orwell is laughing hysterically. The totalitarian temptation of the LEFT is on parade. Right in front of you! VOTE FOR THE LEFT so they can do more for you! VOTE FOR THE RIGHT so they can do less. WHO HAS THE TOTALITARIAN impulse? Wake up.

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