Will President Obama make us proud to be Americans again?

(Artwork by Tatiana El-Khouri)

During the course of the last eight years, I became so angry and embarrassed at the Bush presidency that I realized I wasn’t proud to be an American any longer.  He and his cronies made such a mess of things that we all lost our national pride.  It reminds me of how we felt after four years of Jimmy Carter.  Remember what a breath of fresh air Ronald Reagan was?  That is the relief so many of us feel now that Barack Obama is our new President.

My wife asked me last night if I thought Obama would make a difference.  Hard to say.  The Democrat in control of the U.S. Congress leave much to be desired, although I really like what I am hearing lately from Senator Diane Feinstein.  I do think that Obama selected a potentially great Cabinet, but it is too bad Bill Richardson wiped out. 

I don’t agree with many of the beliefs that Obama and the Democrats hold true.  However I am proud to call him our President.  And I am very pleased to see Bush slinking out the door.  Good riddance to a truly awful President.  His only positive legacy is that he screwed up so much that Obama got elected.

Will Obama fix everything?  No.  He will likely mess things up further, at least economically.  The path to recovery lies in freedom, not more socialism.  However, I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.  He has my support.  More importantly, he has my respect.  I can’t say that about Bush or any of his goons. Heck, some of them might end up in jail…perhaps Obama might pardon them in a few years.

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