Why does the 2008 Latino OC 100 list include Janet Nguyen and Audrey Noji?

I thought my old friend, Ruben Alvarez, jumped the shark when he sold advertising last year, on his weekly Latino email list to Rancho Santiago Community College District Trustee candidate Mark McLoughlin.  Alvarez did nothing to help McLoughlin’s opponent, Lynette Verino, who ended up losing to the lousy McLoughlin.  However, Alvarez’ latest blunder is even worse.

Alvarez included Supervisor Janet Nguyen, who is being sworn in next week by Mexican-basher Mimi Walters, and horrible SAUSD Trustee Audrey Noji on his 2008 Latino OC 100 list.  When I asked him how this could be, he responded, that the list includes “anyone who has had a significant impact on the Latino community.”

Well, the SAUSD is tops in dropouts in Orange County.  Noji is notorious for being stuck up and for not believing that Latino kids can make it.  She is such an unbeliever in our people that she put her son in an Irvine high school rather than let him get an education in the school district he lives in.

As for Nguyen, she does have a Hispanic advisory committee – but it is reserved only for Republican Latinos.  Others need not apply.

I really can’t think of anything that Nguyen has done of late that is of benefit to Latinos.  In fact she was ripped by Latinos in Santa Ana when she got in bed with hated trash maven Judy Ware, who put together a fundraiser for Nguyen.

Nguyen also proposed a pedestrian bridge in Westminster that no one on the Westminster City Council wanted, rather than spend that money in Santa Ana.  Nguyen says she hates the Santa Ana City Council, but she endorsed the worst of their lot, Carlos Bustamante, last year.  And she did nothing to help either Democrat Michele Martinez or Republican George Collins in their campaigns against Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido last year.

And Nguyen spent thousands of taxpayer dollars on boutique furniture and a ridiculous remodeling of the Supervisors’ lobby, while laying off County workers, many of whom I am sure were Latinos.

Nguyen’s recent controversial vote against proposed restaurant ratings was an attempt to cover up for her husband and Chief of Staff’s restaurant, which has received major County health violations.  Nguyen was also pandering to the numerous Vietnamese restaurant owners who gave her over $12,000 last year – many of them are repeat County health code violators.  Most have received numerous major County health violations.

Clearly Nguyen and Noji have had a NEGATIVE impact on the Latino community in Orange County.  Perhaps they bought their way onto Alvarez’ bogus Latino OC 100 list.  This list also includes a host of Republican Latinos allied with Nguyen.  What a worthless waste of time.

So what Latinos in Orange County deserve to be recognized for their contributions to our community?  How about:

  • Santa Ana Councilwoman Michele Martinez
  • State Senator Lou Correa
  • Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez
  • OC Weekly Writer and Editor Gustavo Arellano
  • SAUSD Trustee John Palacio
  • Fullerton Mayor Sharon Quirk
  • La Habra Councilwoman Rose Espinoza
  • Santa Ana City Commissioner and SAUSD Trustee candidate Valerie Amezcua
  • Business owner and 69th A.D. Democratic Assembly Delegate candidate Irene Ibarra
  • SAUSD Trustee candidate Gloria Alvarado
  • Rancho Santiago CCD Trustee candidate Lynette Verino
  • Santa Ana Housing and Redevelopment Commissioner Deborah Vasquez
  • 68th A.D. Democratic Assembly Delegate Benny Diaz
  • Los Amigos Chairman Amin David
  • Small business owner Sam Romero
  • Logan Barrio activist Joe Andrade
  • Former Santa Ana Commissioner Nelida Yanez, and her husband Joe
  • Community activists Jose and Beatriz Fernandez
  • Brea Mayor Pro Tem Ron Garcia
  • Business owner and Rancho Santiago CCD Trustee candidate Dr. Art Lomeli and his wife Raquel
  • Business owner Teresa Saldivar
  • Community activist Beatriz Salas
  • Santa Ana City Commissioner Claudio Gallegos
  • OCCCO activist Eddie Carmona
  • Former Santa Ana Councilman John Acosta
  • 69th A.D. Democratic Assembly Delegate candidate Mario Guerrero
  • Santa Ana Councilman and Fullerton High School debate coach Sal Tinajero
  • Former Assembly candidate Armando de la Libertad
  • Rancho Santiago CCD Trustee Larry Labrado
  • Santa Ana College Associated Student Government President Alex Flores
  • Rancho Santiago CCD Director of Community Relations and External Affairs Teresa Mercado-Cota
  • Business Owner Daniel Bernal
  • Santa Ana Boxing Club supporter John Raya
  • Santa Ana City Council candidate Lisann Martinez
  • Artesia Pilar Neighborhood Association Event Coordinator Lucy Solorzano
  • Artesia Pilar Neighborhood Association leader Ruby Woo
  • Latina Historial Mimi Lozano
  • Housing advocate Stella Matadama
  • Orange Unified School District Trustee Rick Ledesma
  • Placentia Mayor Pro Tem Joe Aguirre
  • Westminster School Board Trustee Sergio Contreras
  • Santa Ana Planning Commissioner Mario Turner

I know I am forgetting a lot of folks who should be on that list, but the point is the list put together by Alvarez is a complete travesty – and including Janet Nguyen and Audrey Noji on that list is simply ridiculous.

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