Who set up Robin Marcario?

Who outed Robin Marcario?  You might recall that she almost won against Republican Andrew Do in last year’s Garden Grove City Council election.  Now Matt/Jubal Cunningham, over at the Red-faced County blog, has written the following:

On one of the days following the election, Marcario was at the Registrar of Voters, observing the counting of provisional ballots. As the day wore on, she grew increasingly emotional, which is understandable. At one point, Marcario apparently recognized the name on a provisionla ballot envelope and asked the ROV worker if she could see it (mind you, there are signs posted about making it very clear that is a no-no). The ROV worker told Marcario she was not allowed to even touch the ballot.  Marcario then (allegedly) grabbed the ballot envelope, immediately removed the ballot and exclaimed “I can’t believe he/she voted for him!”

Jubal claims that the O.C. District Attorney is now investigating Marcario.  But isn’t the timing of this revelation curious? 

One of Red-faced Countys’s readers pointed out the fact that commission appointments are about to be doled out in Garden Grove.  Was this post crafted to deny Marcario a commission appointment?

Jubal is a known shill for the Trannies.  Did he write this post in order to boost the reelection chances of Garden Grove Councilwoman Dina Nguyen?

And who was it that reported Marcario?  How do we know this story is true?  It seems to me that Marcario has been judged and tried already, over at Red-faced County.

Marcario showed us last year that she is very viable as a Council candidate in Garden Grove.  It looks like the Red-faced mob has realized that and is already trying to sink her battleship…

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