Vintage Rush Limbaugh: Keep uninformed listeners angry and hateful


You have to give Rush Limbaugh credit.  His formula to make his loyal listeners mad – works.  He even points out how amazed he is when they keep falling for it!  Click the above video and hear him talking candidly about his best listeners who are the ones that lack confidence and come seeking out Limbaugh’s bravado and cockiness to shore up their own lack of true opinions on issues.   Is that why all congressional Republicans voted the straight-Rush Limbaugh ticket against the stimulus package? Every single Republican voted the  I HOPE HE FAILS! policy that Rush has called for.  Disgraceful!

Rush carefully screens the calls and makes sure that any caller is on point about something said on the Rush Limbaugh show.  He must lead them.  They must follow.  He doesn’t tolerate callers who want to talk about other shows or other issues.  He claims that he sets himself up as the expert and all conversation revolves around HIS reactions to events.  According to him, his ditto-heads are made up of people with “fruitful” imaginations who easily take whatever bait he has to offer.    It’s just that easy.   Does he REALLY believe the stuff he says?    Rush’s reply:   

 That’s up to you to figure out!

That’s just a riot!  Ditto-heads that think this Entertainer’s show is somehow based in reality are slapped senselessly in that early Rush video interview.  They’re just fodder for his self-wealth building schemes.  He doesn’t care if this country fails.  In fact if it continues to fail, people will be even more mad and have more reason to listen to him as he pulls down over $50,ooo,ooo (fifty MILLION DOLLARS) this year and for the next three years, too.  Keep buying all that stuff he hawks, suckers!

The new leaders of the GOP apparently are Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin.  The new chairman of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steele, has got a lot of work ahead of him if he’s going to pull his party out of the apparent tail-spin that is accelerating.  Mega Dittos, Rush!  Keep ’em Hot & Hateful.


Former Maryland Lt. Gov Michael Steele will be the new chairman of the Republican National Committee.

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