Sheriff Hutchens refusing to turn over spy video to the Board of Supervisors

Will Sheriff Sandra Hutchens still be smiling after the next O.C. Board of Supervisors meeting?

“County supervisors Chris Norby and Janet Nguyen want to see the surveillance tapes recorded when sheriff’s officials used cameras to zoom down onto their notes during a Jan. 13 board meeting,” according to the Total Buzz blog.

I spoke to Norby about this the on Saturday night, at the Judge Jim Gray retirement party.  Norby said that Hutchens’ people (ie. Jack Anderson) would not turn over the tapes.  Apparently the excuse is that Hutchens feels the footage includes security issues.  For example, according to Anderson, you could find out what spots at the County’s Board Room could be “blind spots,” by viewing the tapes.

Norby of course was flabbergasted by this stupid excuse.  Why would he, or Supervisor Nguyen, reveal that information to anyone?  Isn’t the security system supposed to protect the Supervisors?  Why would they move to undermine it?

Norby said it was not likely he would sit through six hours of tape.  Instead a staffer would get to do that.  But Anderson, and his boss Hutchens, simply would not allow Norby to take the tape.

What the Hell is Hutchens up to?  And what is she thinking?

According to Total Buzz, “Nguyen has asked that a closed session briefing be held to decide how supervisors will act to secure the videotapes.”

This whole mess is bound to blow up at the next Board of Supervisors’ meeting, which is on Tuesday.

Hutchens is clearly out of control, as are her deputies.  What a massive disappointment she has been thus far.  I wonder if the Carona hacks who are supporting her are putting her up to this?

Speaking of Carona, I wonder if his friends in the mob bought off some of the members of the jury that acquitted him on almost all the charges he faced?  And will the mob guys get behind Hutchens too?

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