Ramos and Compean Sentence Commuted!

FLASH!  Political Prisoners Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean have had their sentences commuted! One of the most disgraceful events in this nations struggle to control its borders has ended!

These were the two border patrol agents railroaded in one of our governments more shameful acts of political correctness. The State Department “lied” about these two agents, who deserve medals of merit, and said in court that they had evidence that the agents “plotted and conspired that day to go out and shoot” Mexicans.

In fact, this drug smuggler was moving over 750 pounds of marijuana across the US/Mexico border when he was stopped. The two officers were among several officers on the scene, but only Ramos and Compean went over to the smuggling van to arrent the man. The drug smuggler struggled with Compean during the lawful arrest, causing shots to be fired, and then proceeded to flee the scene. Ramos came down the arroyo, saw his partner on the ground and the drug smuggler running away, fired and shot the drug smuggler in the ass.

Sara Carter, who is a reporter who broke this story nationally, interviewed the drug smugglers family and they said that he’s been running drugs since he was 14 years old and he was never seen without a gun.

Now, its important to note that others were on the scene, including supervisors. These two men doing the job you and I care about, protecting our borders and keeping out drugs, were in the presence of supervisors in this incident. And were prosecuted because they didnt orally report the shooting. The supervisors submitted a written report. So this was a policy violation, not a criminal violation.

At this point a government, more interested in Mexican cries of victimhood than American justice, shifted into high gear and railroaded two men for daring to do their job too well. It seems that the drug smuggler grew up with a Border Patrol agent in Arizona, who decides to take it upon himself to open an investigation, looking for the report.

No one has questioned the nature of that relationship. The fact that this Border Patrol Agent in Arizona was best friends with the drug smuggler’s brother. He accompanied the drug smuggler’s sister on her 15th birthday. They have close ties. But never mind…

So based on a policy violation, the government sends an agent into Mexico to find the drug smuggler, offer him immunity and free border crossings, as well as health care, to come back and testify against the border agents. And while he’s testifying for the government, he smuggles more drugs. The government finds out about it and has the report sealed so the jury wont hear it.

In 2006, when members of Congress started to investigate, the State Department told these members of Congress three lies: Ramos and Compean had confessed, they knew the guy was unarmed, and they said they wanted to shoot some Mexicans that day. The Inspector General later had to go before a Congressional Committee and admit that the State Department had lied to Congress.

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