New 2009 SAUSD Corruption Thread

Well, we are in a New Year and we need to close up our 2008 SAUSD corruption thread before it becomes overwhelmed with comments.  Consider this to be our new 2009 SAUSD corruption thread.

Click here to read our 2008 thread.  And here are links to all our previous SAUSD corruption threads:

The results of last year’s SAUSD School Board elections were disappointing.  The incumbents were re-elected.  Shame on the teacher’s union for supporting them!  And the one new Trustee, Roman Reyna, is not likely to make a difference.

The SAUSD budget is a mess and our Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, appears primed to make it worse.  So this is going to be a very tough year.  As always, this forum will be here to allow you to vent about what is going on at the SAUSD!

Al Mijares is long gone, but the corruption at the SAUSD continues unabated…

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