Minuteman founder Jim Gilchrist supports Sheriff Sandra Hutchens

Bad enough that Sheriff Sandra Hutchens is clearly supported by a slew of Carona hacks, as we revealed earlier this week, now it appears that Minuteman founder Jim Gilchrist is also a Hutchens supporter.  The Mexican-hating Gilchrist, who aborted a run for Congress against Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez last year, wrote this comment in our Hutchens post:

“You women-hating naysayers should should reel out for a while and just let Sheriff Hutchens do her job. Femininity in law enforcement is a reality, so get used to it.”

As for Gilchrist’s support for Hutchens, this is not the first time he has stood up for troubled Sheriffs.  In November of last year, Register columnist Frank Mickadeit wrote a column entitled “Carona gets new Assistant in Gilchrist.”

Mickadeit wrote that:

All of a sudden there arose this screeching that resembled English, and it was emanating from the thin-lipped pie hole of Jim Gilchrist, who had slithered into the queue behind me and was now asking the judge if he could speak. Gilchrist claims a degree in journalism and holds himself out as some kind of dilettante on the subject, although there’s no evidence he’s ever written a single noteworthy article.

Gilchrist allowed that he himself has been defamed by the unscrupulous media – specifically the “unrestrained columnist” who had just spoken to the court. Speaking on behalf of his pal Carona (they’d greeted each other warmly outside the courtroom), Gilchrist informed the judge that, “Mr. Mickadeit wants him to be guilty and will write accordingly!”

Mickadeit concluded that Gilchrist is a loon – and he is right about that!

Mickadeit also nailed Gilchrist in a later column:

Minuteman Jim Gilchrist has been spending a lot of time watching the Carona trial. Unclear why, but perhaps he’s just obsessed with litigation involving former political allies who turn on each other. He lost yet another round in his own court case last week, being ordered to pay more than $10,000 in legal costs for bringing a frivolous lawsuit against a woman who heads another anti-illegal immigration group. Lil’ Jimmy is now up to about $40,000 in losses against former allies since he started his litigation jihad earlier this year.

As for Hutchens, I doubt she will be terribly excited about having Gilchrist’s support.  The OC GOP machine won’t be happy either.  When Gilchrist tried to run for Congress last year they recruited SAUSD Trustee Rosie Avila so that he would drop out.  Avila ran against Sanchez, lost and is now off the SAUSD School Board.

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