Judge reaffirms voters’ rights, as Yes on 8 donors will be identified

The voters deserve to know who is contributing to ballot measures – and today a judge reaffirmed that notion as he struck down an attempt by the Yes on 8 team to hide the names of those who gave over $100 to that measure.

“U.S. District Judge Morrison England, after a one-hour hearing in Sacramento, said California’s $100 reporting requirement – adopted by the voters in 1974 – is a valid means of informing the public about the financing of ballot measure campaigns,” according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Is there a downside for those who contribute to these measures?  Sure.  But they don’t have to give their money to these campaigns.  Or they can give less than $100.  That is up to them.

Judge England got it right.  The voters have a right to know.  Shame on the Yes on 8 mob for trying to take that right away, but then taking away rights is there thing, isn’t it?

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